2. Team Agenda— A real challenge

  • Determine the vision and goals
  • Manage the backlog list
  • Prioritize steps
  • Investigate issues and successes during the development
  • Anticipate the user’s need
  • Ensure that stakeholders agree with developers and vice-versa
  • Evaluate and inspect the product through each iteration
  • Ensures that agile practices are implemented correctly
  • Helps with possible obstacles that team members are facing
  • Ascertains that everybody is committed to product success
Note. An example of the control of activities and division between team members. Trello image. To visit the full version click here.
Note. It shows the roles rotation during November.
Note. Gantt Chart incomplete due to the amount of data. The team could not make it work.
  • Define research methods
  • Reduce the number of functions to develop further
  • Prototype and its division with Figma
  • Communication strategy
  • Define how to test the prototype (channels to recruit people, for example)
  • Tone of voice
  • To change from NLU (Natural Language Understanding) concept to Quick-action buttons in the chat
  • Screens in which it would appear without being obtrusive
  • Scripts (Bot script, Surveys, Screener script, Interviews, Testing Sessions, SUS)



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