4. User Testing — I’ve never been so aware of what to say

Note. We had a total of 5 reviews on our bot script. Some of them with the intention of diminishing the information load, language errors, and even the tone.
Note. The first testing script was divided into 2 tasks, with pre-defined questions. Part 1 and Part 2
Note. Concise version based on feedback and research.
Note. Onboarding cards improvements: More suitable illustrations, less text, clearer hierarchy, tone of voice, and calls-to-action.
Note. Bot improvements: Fewer calls-to-action, removal of the bot icon, the introduction of carousel job cards, a better visual hierarchy with the indication of who is talking.
Note. The comments in the area that the issues happened were great to see the critical screens.



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Fernanda Alves

Fernanda Alves

I’m a UX Designer, I love drawing, and I love pets.